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Bill Lainhart - Owner of Lainhart Painting, Inc.

For over 30 years, Lainhart Painting has been transforming both, residential and commercial, properties. Using quality paints is only a small part of the overall painting equation. We like to think of painting as an exact science. Preparation is a big part of the overall equation, this is why we spend so much time on preparing the area to paint. With a solid base that the paint can stick to, the paint will last much longer and protect the surface being painted.

Lainhart Painting's Commitment to Service

At Lainhart Painting, we like to think that there is still something to be said about service. From the beginning, you will notice a difference in working with Lainhart Painting. For over 30 years, owner Bill Lainhart has been providing personalized service to each of Lainhart Painting's past, current, and potential customers. When working with Bill, you will notice an easy and honest approach to your next painting project.

We specialize in Commercial, Residential, Interior and Exterior Applications. What really makes Lainhart Painting different is our attention to preparation. Think of it this way, paint needs something to properly bond to, and this is the most important aspect for a quality paint job that will last for many years to come.

Actually, preparation is something we spend quite a bit of time on. Why? Because it can be the most important aspect to painting. Have you ever seen a house that was freshly painted only to have the paint peel in just a few short years? The cause of this was poor preparation for making a consistent bond to the material the paint was applied to.

Once the proper preparation is achieved, we only use high-quality paints. High quality paints will make your project last longer and more than likely, be less expensive in the long run. We like to think of painting as an art and an exact science. At Lainhart Painting, we really bring the two elements together to provide a long lasting project that will make your home or commercial property something you can be proud of!